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Brant Beach Homeowners Association

“At the Heart of Long Beach Township” 

Brant Beach

Homeowners Association

“At the Heart of Long Beach Township”   


Please check the Long Beach Township Web site for the 06-Apr-2020 Commissioners' Meeting: 


Mid-Winter Update 2020—90 Days until Memorial Day

          It has been a mild winter on LBI!  No plowable snow all season!  Two Bald Eagles have taken up residence in Spray Beach and have been spotted on several occasions around Bayview Park.

          LBI School Board Referendum to consolidate the schools was defeated in December.  The new school board president, Colette Southwick and board have promised solid plans regarding possible consolidation of the schools.  The school board has added several volunteers from the general public to serve on a consolidation committee.  We will have to keep our fingers crossed that some movement will occur with this ongoing matter.
          Property Revaluation teams have been on the island this winter and visiting Brant Beach.  Their vehicles are clearly marked and they are carrying visible photo IDs.  At this time, they are taking photos of all our properties and will make in-season appointments to visit each property.
          Water meters need to be installed by July 1st. Please refer to the letter from the township that came with your water & sewer bill if you need more information.  One of the biggest reasons for the 7/1/2020 date is that Long Beach Township has many meters to be verified and that will take time, once all the meters are installed.  As an example, Long Beach Twp covers more than 7 times the amount of land than Barnegat Light; we should not be comparing our Township to the smaller communities of LBI when it comes to installation of water meters.

            Disaster Re-entry placards have been mailed to all property owners.  This distribution is being mailed by the LBT Police Department.  If you have a problem, (1) you haven’t received a placard, (2) there are 2 names on the property deed & you reside at different addresses and require an additional placard, please contact the Records Office at 609-361-2062.

             Fire Marshall Inspections are required on any rental properties.  The Fire Marshall needs to visit your rental property and issue a Certificate on a yearly basis.  For further information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact the County Fire Marshall  at 732-929-2088.

             Closings:  Ager Realty has closed. Most of the agents have joined Prudential Zack.

              If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry at  We will be in touch soon with our Spring Meeting Date!
Pat Prout, Admin Assistant


Fall Meeting 2019

Saturday Sep. 14th

Municipal Building Courtroom

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


  Hello Neighbor,


For those of you that may remember the song, “See you in September," I didn’t realize in June how fast September would come. This has been a really active summer for your BB Board working with our neighbors, their concerns and the township.


To better communicate with you and get your feedback and comments we added a Facebook page, “Brant Beach Homeowners”, to our internet and media platform. Check us out and sign up for the most up to date happenings in Brant Beach and on LBI. A BIG thank you to Carol Formica for setting it up and giving us a kick start. If others would like to contribute let us know either on Facebook, or at our email address,


Many have complimented the “Welcome to Brant Beach” sign just as you leave the Post Office in Brant Beach. It’s always been beautifully maintained and seasonally updated by Steve and Paula Havelka. Thank you to you both. We’ve wanted to add a welcome sign at the Ship Bottom entrance to Brant Beach but had problems with a location. Problem solved this spring and after months of preparation your new Welcome to Brant Beach sign is between Hutchinson’s Pools and La Bamba restaurant. A great big thank you to Duck Cove Marina for allowing us to use their property and water to install the sign and maintain the landscaping.


With our fall meeting (Sat 9/14) just a few weeks away keep checking our Facebook page and website for updates on what will be highlighted during the discussions. If you have a topic, let us know and we’ll see if it can be included.


Let’s finish up these last few weeks of summer and enjoy this paradise we are so fortunate to have in our lives.


John Fiore


Brant Beach Homeowners Association



This is the time of year we ask for your help to make Brant Beach a great place to invest in real estate, as well as enjoy, while establishing family traditions and cherished memories.


Our fiscal year is Sept 1st thru Aug 31st


Now is the time to help offset the cost to do the things we do.



Our operating dues are $20.00. An optional additional donation of $_________ will go towards making Brant Beach safer _____ (dune markers), more beautiful (gardens/welcome signs) or added fun _____ (concerts) Please lets us know your thoughts  by adding an X on a line above.


Please complete the form below and mail by September 7th 2019. Thank you!



Brant Beach Homeowners Association 

Membership Application


Owner’s Name _____________________________________________________________


New_______________ Renewal____________


Information Change____________________


Brant Beach Address__________________________________________________________


Primary Residence if not BB ____________________________________________________

Email ______________________________________________________________________


Best phone #_______________________________




Annual Operating Dues $20.00

Please make checks payable to Brant Beach Homeowners Assoc.

Mail to P.O. Box 2316, Brant Beach NJ 08008

We do not share any info provided.

We are a volunteer community organization dedicated to improve the experience and protect the interest of homeowners within the Brant Beach section of Long Beach Township.







Pat Prout
Admin Assistant


Meeting Notes of June 1, 2019



BBHO Board Present: John Fiore, Steve Havelka, Tony Bakum, Pat Prout, Eileen Girten, Frank Santiago      Absent: Bill Strasser, Bob Innocenzi


  • Meeting was opened at 10:02 with the Pledge of Allegiance


  • Mayor Joseph Manicini
    • Municipal budget is flat; effective municipal tax is 24.4 cents and is the second lowest on the island. 
    • Re-evaluation required by county. When contacted, homeowners will need to make an appointment.  Should begin in July.
    • Water meters are mandated by the state Department of Environmental Protection. Check the Long Beach Township Web site for additional details:  Homeowners or the plumber may pick up the water meter. The current deadline for installing the water meter is July 1, 2020. Long Beach Township will program the meter. The recommendation is to install early.
    • If you rent your home, Ocean County requires an annual fire inspection. You will need to contact the county to make an appointment for the fire inspection. Smoke detectors must work. Annual inspection for license ($49 for license). (
    • Pump station being installed at Joeys location in Beach Haven Crest and the other across from the Long Beach Township Municipal Building.
    • There are future plans to raise turning lanes on the Boulevard after the water and sewer lines are finished and we are getting the Boulevard paved.
    • Season passes for LBI Shuttle are available ( 
    • There are new requirements concerning trash cans, such as a 32-pound requirement for trash cans. Check the Long Beach Township Web site for additional details: 



  • Commissioner Bayard
    • There is a new water/sewer main from the Long Beach Township municipal building to Beach Haven. Work is on hold until Labor Day. 
    • Streets with the newly installed gas lines have had partial paving to cover the newly installed gas line. Paving has been done from the curb line to 3 feet beyond trench line.



Pat Prout

  • Regarding the water meters, the Long Beach Township Water department will evaluate how much water is used in 2021 and begin charging for the water meters in 2022. There will be a minimum payment quarterly, even if no water is used in that quarter.  I will be sending out an FAQ sheet for you to use as a guide.
  • There was a water treatment plant meeting with the surrounding neighbors. It was decided to install a fence and evergreens/deciduous trees. The fence height will be capped at 8 feet.
  •  Homeowners - please remind your renters to use the turning (middle) lane when making a left turn.
  • If you have concerns or problems, please send us an email.  There is no need to wait for a meeting.    


  • Bayview Park Director Joni Bakum
  •  Four watersport vendors are in Bayview Park for different activities, such as stand-up paddle board and kayaking.
  • Shellabration will take place during Columbus Day weekend. Details coming soon
  •  The summer concert series continues weekly.  Please pick up a brochure in Town Hall.
  •  Brant Beach Homeowners will be a sponsor for the August 20, 2019 concert. We hope to see you there!
  •  Firepit Fridays is a new event. Five fire pits will be set up on the 68th street beach. Sit around and enjoy some music: 730-930PM.
  •  On Sundays, FaceDown will perform 1-3PM on 68th street beach.
  •  A new stage for bayside and oceanside concerts was donated by Berkshire Hathaway. Those who are nearby on boats may listen to the bayside concerts.
  •  Check the Long Beach Township Web site for additional details on these activities: 

President John Fiore

    • Reminder to check the Long Beach Township Web site for garbage/recycling guidelines. If trash is mixed in with recycling, the recycling is rejected.
    • A second “Welcome to Brant Beach - the heart of Long Beach Township” sign will be installed on the southbound side as you enter Brant Beach (near Hutchinsons) with flowers and a drop-down sign.


Treasurer’s Report:  As of May 31, 2019, the budget was approximately $4100 budget with nearly $3800 in expenses.

 School report: there is a study to consolidate all students into the LBI school in Ship Bottom, which would give us one school instead of the currently existing 2 schools)June 18th will be the next meeting.  You can follow all of this in the Sandpaper.

 If you are interested in volunteering with the Brant Beach homeowners, please contact us at our email address:

Meeting Adjourned at 12 Noon.


Submitted by Eileen Girten, Secretary