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Meeting Schedule: Fall & Spring Meetings.
Next Meeting is September 17th, 2016 at 10 am in the Courtroom at the
Long Beach Township Municipal Building, 68th Street & Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach Twp.


Brant Beach Homeowners Association

  1. O Box 2316 Brant Beach, NJ 08008


May 21, 2016          Meeting Minutes                                                         Start time: 10AM

Pledge of Allegiance

Pat Prout:  Introduction of the Board- Pat (as Secretary, but acting as President for today), John Fiore, Steve Havelka, and Eileen Girten (taking notes for the meeting). Absent: Judy Brophy and Bill Strasser)

Moment of silence for Bill Kunz                              Eulogy to Bill

Nominations for the Board: John Fiore nominated, based on bylaws of Brant Beach Homeowners Association, to elect trustees at this special meeting due to the death of our President Bill Kunz. The new trustees that were nominated included Tony Bakum, Eileen Girten, Frank Santiago, and Bob Innocenzi. After nominations were closed, a call was made for a voice vote. All ayes, no opposed. Declared duly elected. New Officers to the board will be elected at a special meeting of the trustees.

Mayor Mancini’s updates: Beach replenishment continues in Beach Haven and Holgate with an estimated completion date of July 1st. The beach replenishment then moves to North Beach, then Loveladies in August. Brant Beach was hit by 2 nor’easters. The Army Corps will not be coming to repair them since they have no money for that.  Long Beach Township has inspected the beaches. The dunes are in good shape and Long Beach Township will be bulldozing beaches in that area. Also, Long Beach Township has applied for a permit to move sand north and south so that sand may be moved to a challenged area. Dune fencing will be installed before the season and the dune fence will be moved to give more room on the beach.

In spite of not receiving $5 million from FEMA, the municipal rate will not increase. Long Beach Township had to float bond anticipation notes, which are good for a couple of years. Long Beach Township hired Louis Berger company to get money and spent nearly 1 million dollars in consultants to obtain money. Long Beach Township is in good shape; the Township had to make internal cuts to keep the tax flat (will remain at 23 cents). The county and library taxes went up while the local schools’ tax rates remained flat (except for Southern Regional School District).

Long Beach Township is working on new park out front that is expected to be completed by the end of June. The park will include 2 basketball courts, 2 bocce ball courts, 2 pickle ball courts, and a dog park. The park will be free for this summer. Long Beach Township may use the beach badge as an ID next year. In Bayview Park, the new bathrooms are finished and will have a new deck. The old basketball court will be used for storage. Joanie Bakum will help people store stand-up paddleboards and kayaks.

A similar building will be built near the ACME and will have bathrooms and a small office that will head up the Transportation Department. The Transportation Department will have 8 buses that will run out of that office. The Mayor talked to the bus drivers; they are not to receive tips because they are Township employees. Instead, if people wish, they may put a two-dollar donation in the jar to help defray costs for replacing the buses. Last year the buses had 70,000 riders. Buses cost $60K to replace, so the Township will start a fund to help replace them.

Long Beach Township has a new app that may be downloaded from the Long Beach Township Web site ( to see how close the island buses are to your location.

Also out of Transportation Building, there will be 4 Gators, so that Seniors, pregnant females, and those who are handicapped may call a cell phone number, and within 15 minutes, get picked up at end of their street or at the base of the dune free of charge. 

Long Beach Township has picked up 2 major parks. The first one is 3 acres at Hideaway Bay with a nature trail going through and is expected to open to the public by mid-June. It has 800 feet of Bayfront. Angela Anderson will be doing the water trail and the LBI Garden Club will plant all sorts of plants. This park will be a place for people to walk around. The second park will be at Osborne Avenue, which is a 100 foot bayfront lot. The Township will install a 12-foot X 24-foot building at this location. The Township will partner with Stockton University as well as offer awareness programs for the children on how to keep the bay clean. 

The Mayor has tried for 3 years to create a single beach badge for the island. The Township would get 50% of revenue; however, not all towns agreed to participate because of revenue concerns despite projections that showed otherwise.

The Mayor attended the school board meeting with the other mayors on 12-May-2016. The Mayor stated the LBI school is for sale, but the buyer or how many units (including the possibility of affordable housing) would be built was not disclosed to the Mayors.

Questions to Mayor –

  • Handicapped ramp on 47th street to be repaired before summer. Chair lift on 131st Street ramp.
  • After Sandy, if person signed significant damage letter (over 50% of assessed value) and got funding from RREM/FEMA, that individual would get money but had X amount of time to raise home. FEMA is enforcing this requirement; otherwise, it may result in having to return FEMA/RREM money.
  • FEMA to open up additional funding
  • Regarding homes that refused to allow beach replenishment, the Township has all of the easements south of the bridge. The state has gotten involved for homes on the north end of the island (eminent domain under Disaster Control Act) and the Township still needs easements for North Beach and Loveladies.
  • The 33rd street beach will hopefully be graveled in the next couple of weeks
  • Call the Township in relation to empty post-Sandy houses
  • Long Beach Township does have an ordinance where only tax-free organizations (501[3][c]) are permitted (5013c) to knock on door or put information on the door knob. Must be registered with Long Beach Township. Call the Clerk’s office or the Long Beach Township Police Department (609-494-3322) to confirm.
  • Report problems on the beach to the beach badge collector or lifeguard. Radios were purchased for the Township lifeguards last year. Those radios have a separate channel that goes to Long Beach Township Police Department Dispatcher.
  • The Township had asked the county about purchasing the circle (entrance to the island) to make a veteran’s park; however, the county declined.
  • Regarding the discussion about consolidating zip codes on the island, write a letter to Congressman LoBiondo.
  • The Township asked the county to put a boardwalk on the storm water drain at Bayview Park, to which the county said yes, but it will not pay. Long Beach Township will try to find money next year to do it.

Pat Prout: Thank you Mayor Mancini.

Please remember to check the Long Beach Township Web site and the Sandpaper. Send questions to Pat and she will forward to the Mayor. We have been working on water problems on 57th street. At this time, 53rd street is under construction for a few weeks.

Treasurer’s report: As of 30-Apr-2016, there is a $9400.99 balance. The Brant Beach Homeowners Association purchased lights for the remainder of beach posts that run from 57th to 74th

Streets. The Brant Beach Homeowners Association needs to fund the upweller and getting oyster bags into the bay. In addition, they will fund a half portion of a concert in Bayview Park on July 26th for the Kootz Band. On Memorial Day weekend, they will be putting a plaque on the bench on 67th street in Bill’s memory and also will be working on another memorial on the bay. 

Some of the beach posts may have been picked up; they may have been taken out because of the water from the nor’easters. It will take time before the Department of Public Works can restore the beach posts.

Commissioner Bayard’s Report:  Trash and recycling is on the summer schedule with 2 pickups of recycling and trash, respectively, each week. In response to complaints about the water bill requiring payment in 1 lump sum, the upcoming bill will require payment for water for 7 months. Thereafter, the Township will combine water and sewer charges on 1 bill and taxpayers can pay quarterly.

Renovation of the Brant Beach water plant:  It will begin in the fall so that the pumps are raised above flood level. The sewer collapsed on 82nd street. Residents on Harrington Ave are advised to

contact the water department relating to brown water. Coughlin and Mia Avenues got new pipes.  The Township is trying to upgrade the infrastructure. Dead end streets, such as Harrington lack circulation and the Township may have to install a blow pipe at the end of the street. Commissioner Bayard is to follow up about Harrington.

Another project will be done on 71st street; the engineering plans have been developed, but the water main needs to be taken care of first.

The ACME purchased more land on south side and will increase the parking lot size.

Regarding garbage collection, if there is a bin, the trash collectors are supposed to put all of the cans back into the bin. Commissioner Bayard will follow up with the trash collection contractor.

A request to the DOT for bulkhead extension on 66th street was turned down. The Township is currently evaluating options and is grateful to the community in its assistance with communicating with the county.

More traffic lights are coming to the island; the lights will be changed to poles with lights hanging over. Even though Long Beach Boulevard is a county road, Long Beach Township will need to pay for part of them.

Steve Havelka’s Reports on the Long Beach Island Chamber of Commerce and ReClam the Bay:  Over the next 2 years, travelers will use the new bridge while repairs are made to the old bridge. The wildlife preserve (clamming, fishing, biking, etc) will be seen right before entering Cedar Bonnet Island. Parking will be on the north side. The bridge construction is ahead of schedule.

ReClam the Bay will work with the BBHO and LBTownship on the upweller installation at Bayview Park. People will be able to watch the oysters as they grow and also participate in educational programs.

The second program is the Oyster Bag Program. Anyone with access to the Bayfront may get a bag that will have baby oysters. The bag will be placed in the bay. Once every 7-10 days, volunteers will spray the bag and measure the largest oyster. During the fall, the bags will be picked up and put into oyster beds. ReClam the Bay will work with Rutgers University to monitor the oyster growth. An added benefit of this program is the ability of the oysters to clean the bay. If volunteers are interested in participating in this scientific study, please contact the Brant Beach Homeowners Association. Bags will be available in July.

The LBI Chamber of Commerce ( and the Board of Health ( have moved to 2219 Long Beach Boulevard in Ship Bottom (across from Sunsations). Shuttle Service ( begins Friday at 3PM and Saturday through Monday from 10AM-11PM and will run every weekend until the full-time schedule begins on 27-Jun. Shuttle service will resume a weekend only schedule after Labor Day through Chowder Fest October 2. The Kite fest will occur on Columbus Day weekend. There will be a craft show and kite competitions in Long Beach Township. If you would like to volunteer, please visit, visit the LBI Chamber of Commerce Web Site, or contact the Brant Beach Homeowners Association.

Report from Tony Bakum – At 2 recent meetings regarding the Long Beach Island school district, questions were asked of the Board, but did not seem to be answered. The total district enrollment is 235 students at both schools; of those 235 students, 41 students are choice students from other districts. The next public meeting is 07-Jun-2016 at the Ethel Jacobson school at 7PM. Six teachers recently attended a training program for literacy at a cost of $910. 

Report from Pat: The budget of the LBI Schools increased by 6%, but without a signed teachers’ contract.

The Brant Beach Homeowners Association currently has 458 members. Long Beach Township has schematics for the municipal recreation projects. Some of the projects, such as the asphalt, had to start early. The Township also has papers available to remind people to stay off the dunes. Pat has attended the Joint Council of Taxpayers meeting (meet once per month). JCT members are planning to meet with the attorney who worked on the Cape May referendum, which is still unresolved.

The Kunz family thanked everyone for their kind notes about Bill and the many donations for the food pantry. 

Questions for Pat:

John Fiore would like to find out why Long Beach Township cannot have its own zip code. Changing the zip code is not a simple process. If the request is turned down, one cannot reapply for 10 years. If anyone is interested, they can contact John via the Brant Beach Homeowners Association so a group can be formed and a petition generated.  Mayor Mancini suggested that everyone contact Congressman LoBiondo.

Joni Bakum indicated a brochure is available that describes the programming, including concerts at Bayview Park. Joanie has found sponsors, such as Kubels Too, who is sponsoring Face Down. Acme Markets has sponsored concerts for Monday night from 7-9PM. There will be a couple of events in Holgate. Other programs include coordinated efforts with ReClam the Bay and the LBI Foundation that will include 2 educational programs during the week that focus on clams and oysters and reshelling the bay. During the Kite Festival (October 7-10), there will be an arts and craft fair for 2 days. In addition, there will be kite making sessions. These workshops are free.

Pat Prout:  Thank you all for coming.  Please contact us if you see anything that needs attention in Brant Beach.

End Time:  11:40 am